Monday, August 8, 2011

An old post from an old blog

I wrote this a couple years ago when life had flattened me. I'm re-posting it on this blog. I know I'm not there yet but I will be.

I was thinking back to a couple months ago when I was talking to a friend. I told her how so many times over the last years I have been broken. I believe I compared myself to a vase - how eventually after being broken so many times you just can't glue it back together.
I realize today that I am not a vase.
I am a tree.
I have had storms batter me. I've had the wind blow so hard I was sure I couldn't survive. I lost some branches I'm sure, but in those storms, without even knowing it, I was digging my roots in. Pushing them down into the ground where they will hold me strong.
This latest storm won't break me. I will painfully push my roots down and grow.
There are five small trees growing near me looking to me, seeing my strength, watching these storms and surving their own storms. They are growing strong along side me.
I will stay strong, I will not break.

I will get there. I'm done with being used and lied to. I am worth more than that. Another person's behaviour toward me does NOT speak to my worth or my character.
Someday I will truly believe that, until then I will remind myself over and over again.

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