Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 has to be a better year

I'm not calling these new years resolutions because those are lame.  As inspired by the amazing Jess ( ) I have compiled a list of goals for my year.

I'm always on a quest to become stronger and rebuild my life after what was unequivocally the worst year of my life. So here it is, my list for 2012.

1. Start saving a little money every month so that by the time I have my g2 I am on my way to affording a van.
2. Make a resume, start looking for a job for the fall
3. Keep up with the habit of going to the Y regularly. Keep going on both cardio and weights. Challenge myself to push harder.
4. Eliminate (or reduce time spent with) toxic people.
5. Get a really good housework routine going again.
6. Start having Mom over for dinner once a week again
7. Get over the fact my house is small and ugly and have friends over to play or for a meal.
8. Get my g1 and learn to drive.
9. Start writing letters to people again. On paper or electronic, either is fine.
10. Spend less time on the computer and tablet.
11. Start writing every day - anything - a blog post, a letter, a writing exercise.
12. Menu plan and stick to it.
13. Read 50 books (2 done so far)
14. Apply for a five bedroom unit
15. Pick strawberries when they are in season. Pick and freeze enough for the year.
16. Work though CBT books again.
17. Continuous dejunking of the house all year.
18. Watch less tv and read more
19. Learn how to do my own makeup instead of having the girls do it.
20. Listen more, talk less.
21. Shop at the farmers' market for my produce when it starts up in the spring.
22. Start eating three meals a day instead of starving all day then eating supper & snacks in the evening.
23. Start a skin care routine.
24. Learn to use my fancy camera properly so it's not just a giant point & shoot.
25. Cut swearing out of my vocabulary completely.
26. Eight glasses of water a day.
27. Decorate my bedroom. Make it pretty but simple.
28. Stay in contact with friends more frequently.
29. Put up the gazebo this summer. Spend more time outside.
30. Consume less alcohol.
31. Start replacing my clothes with ones that are stylish (if they make stylish clothes my size?) and fit properly. 
32. Get regular haircuts.
33. Keep pop as a special event treat.
34. Continue taking vitamins every day.
35. Eat oatmeal for breakfast every. I feel so good when I do, I need to keep it up.
36. Spend more time with people who make me feel good about myself.
37. Speak the truth, stand up for myself.
38. Regular yoga for relaxation and all its benefits.
39. Start wearing heels.
40. Be still and just breathe for a few minutes every day.