Friday, August 31, 2012

September's strategy

There has been a lot of talk around here that begins with "we should". Since September is like the beginning of another new year we decided to make September 1st the day to put these "shoulds" into action and we have come up with a plan.

We need to overhaul our finances, food and habits. It's a lot to take on but it's just for a month so we can do it. Hopefully some new habits will stick and we will continue them after the month is up.

Here's our September plan:

* Follow this month's menu plan. Substitutions made from what we already have in the freezers or cupboards to use what we have rather than buying more

* No restaurants, take out, junk food snack runs except for one dinner date night and one dessert date night.

* Consolidate shopping to two days per week or to times we are already out for another reason

* Have at least eight no spend days during the month

* Hang out the laundry to dry as often as weather permits

* Donate at least one garbage bag of items from the house

* Walk the Littles to and from school as often as time and weather permit

* Walk to and from the gym on days that time and weather allow

I feel that all of our goals are interlinked and each will have a cascade effect. Hopefully by the end of September we will be healthier, the house will be emptier and we'll have saved a little bit of money!

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