Friday, September 7, 2012


I am finding myself being drawn to a simpler, calmer and more peaceful way of life lately. 
It started when I began hanging out the laundry. I realize instead of dreading laundry I am enjoying it. It is a quiet activity, I'm in the sunshine and my attention is focused on just one thing. When I started baking more often I felt the same feeling of peace as I was kneading bread.  These activities require me to focus and engage in just that activity rather than trying to do several things at once. Perhaps that is why I am finding peace in them. My mind calms, some of the constant pain I am in reduces as my body relaxes. Multi-tasking has become such a part of my life I didn't realize how much it increased my stress level.

The craving for peace has taken over my thoughts. I crave the quiet, the time to focus, the calm, the peace. How do I achieve that in a chaotic world in a large and busy family? I believe small steps are the way to go.

Instead of tv shows playing on my laptop in the background as I go about my day I have switched to playing music, often classical. Sometimes I turn off the music and the only sound in the background are those of the activity in the house and the sounds coming from the window. 
I am keeping the air conditioner off unless it gets unbearably hot. I find the noise it makes annoying and unsettling. Better to sweat than having a constant sound grating on my nerves.

Because of our current financial crisis I will be seeking out more ways to simply life and reduces our expenses, I believe these changes will in turn increase my peace.

Carving out a new daily routine now that I have a few days a month without kids home is contributing to me feeling more peaceful. I feel comfort and security in knowing the plan for the next few hours or days. As the days march on a routine for exercise, cleaning, cooking and personal activities is forming. The rhythm of the days and tweaking the routine as needed are having a positive impact on my thought process as I go through the day. 

Peace, it's my craving and my focus. I am enjoying this journey toward a more peaceful and contented life. I look forward to seeing where this will lead me.

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